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About Us
Since 2015, LYNC2M is a Digital Tech start-up aiming to enable better healthcare accessible for everyone, the first company on this planet in Medical industry utilizes DT Tech to make medical device accessible on a global scale with maximum efficiency, thus we engage all elements online and expands value via Intelligent Data and Network Online.
Our Mission
To maximize the efficiencies in supply chain, and increase operating margins. Connects small and medium sizes of business (both manufacturers and distributors and end users) which maximizes the efficiencies in supply chain, results in true value for both providers and end users. A digital marketplace is a robust model that can begin with one product segment such as surgical disposables and then expand into other spaces such as small medical equipment, and eventually all healthcare segments. As the database grows, the marketplace for transporting these materials gets stronger and more efficient, the data automatically results in cutting-edge solutions to specific medical and dynamic needs.